Eight Ways To Improve Online Leads As An Architect

Posted by: aliadmin on 30/07/2020

This blog sets out eight ways any architecture practice can increase online leads. The ideas and internet marketing strategies explored in this blog can all be used together to create a comprehensive online marketing plan for any architect.


Use A Lead Generation Service  – The absolute quickest way to get new architecture clients is to sign up for a lead generation service. A lead generation service is a company that specialises in running online ads to attract people who are searching for an architect in your local area. Archilink is a UK based lead generation service designed by architects. They offer an average of 2-3 local leads per week. These are verified enquires that are targeted to fit your practice’s profile. Archilink also offer a full money-back guarantee for the first two months. Using a lead generation service is a smart way to supplement a practices existing marketing efforts.


Increase Website Traffic – There are presently 1 billion websites currently online, as indicated by Internet Live Stats, all of these websites generally compete for attention from over 3 billion online customers every single day. Therefore, an online presence is essential for architectural designers as it will funnel clients searching the web for their local architect to discover their individual website. Digital marketing is also another great tool to develop stronger relationships between the client and the architect. Architects can drive perspective clients to their site by producing useful content a posting it on other platforms.


Brand Awareness – One of the most significant features of digital advertising is the ability to demonstrate the distinctiveness of your firm in comparison to others. It allows you to showcase your strengths, your capabilities and most importantly the unique options you as an architect offers which your competitors cannot. By utilising digital marketing as a tool to raise brand awareness, it allows architects to reach wider audiences to explain their unique selling point.


Responsive Website – Your site is the focal point of your whole online presence. It’s the place where individuals will use to find out about your business, connect and every so often buy items and administrations. Without a responsive and engaging site, it will make it even harder to accomplish the acquired objectives from an architects marketing campaign. Key characteristics of the website should be on its functionality; it should be easy to navigate with the ability to work on both portable and desktop devices.


Instant Communications – At a younger age surrounded by social media and innovation, the millennial generations are known to demand instant access and communications. However, the requirement for instant access does not just associate itself with millennials but also across all other generations and businesses, including architecture and construction. A quick response from an online platform is crucial as it is now considered a key driver when users reach out to communicate with a new business. In some cases, reputation can be attached to how promptly a business address messages or queries, responds to social media comments or user reviews.


Live Video Streaming – When Facebook first launched the new interactive video section in 2016 for their users called “Facebook Live”, it caused a huge rise in client interactions. Facebook informed us that users were 10 times more interested in live videos than pre-recorded video formats. Since then, live streaming has become a great tool to introduce your brand and personality to a much wider audience who can tune in from any part of the globe. This will add a human touch to your online presence as the public will be able to interact with you in real time.


Social Media Based Advertising – There are a plethora of social media forms now out there, which can be utilised to significantly grow your architectural brand organically or through paid digital advertising. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram are great tools to connect with new job prospects, keep in touch with current clients and industry professionals. Utilising social media as a form of digital advertising for  your firm is the best way to draw more audiences to interact with your brand and architectural image.


Email Marketing – Present and forthcoming customers aren’t constantly searching on the web, architects can still connect with these clients using targeted emails. Sending regular emails to your potential clients is a great way to keep them updated and this can be done in the format of a weekly newsletter or sharing future updates of your firm. How frequently you engage with these customers are completely up to yourself, however we recommend a newsletter to be produced every two weeks. Architecture firm marketing should also include a plan to convert past leads. One of the best sources of getting clients now is going back to people who may have inquired about your services in the past and not moved ahead.


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