How Much Is It For An Architect?

Posted by: aliadmin on 10/08/2020

Fees can differ massively between architects, so it never hurts to shop around and get a few
quotes when it comes to your home.

There are no standard architect prices as all businesses will charge you a different sum of money
but there are three standard ways the architects’ fees can be calculated. Many architectural
companies will offer you a free one hour initial consultation before you hire them for a project.

The three main methods for Architects calculating fees are;


The fees are procured as an agreed percentage of the construction costs. This method is very
common in larger projects. Both client and Architect MUST agree an understood scope of service
and budget for the project before fees can be estimated. The nature of the work and procurement
route will also define the percentage agreed.


Lump sum fees are best utilised on projects where the scope of works required from the Architect
is easy to define. It is again important to define exactly what works, tasks, outputs will be
completed for the agreed fee as additional works and or revisions will be charged in addition to the
agreed scope of service. This method is very common for smaller projects, often for private clients
who wish to complete small changes or extensions to their own home. This method can also be
utilised for specific packages of works. Investigating the site through feasibility studies for property
developers is also a good opportunity for lump sum agreed fees.


The hourly rate time charge is becoming increasingly rare for Architects to work under. Although
this is the most accurate way for the client to know exactly what they are paying for, this method
has an intrinsic fear of fees running away with themselves. The positive is that you pay for exactly
what you are getting. Time Charge Fees are often utilised for revision charges. If a client wishes to
amend the design following the release of a package of drawings and the knock on effects are
difficult to define, then time charges would be applied until the requested revision is resolved.

A good rule of thumb to follow if you need to budget for an architect’s fees is to allocate anywhere
between 5-10% of the overall project cost. So, if you’re planning your kitchen extension costs and
your budget is 80K to complete the extension, expect to pay between £4,000-£8,000 for your
architect. There are more affordable and expensive options. From projects that we have personally
tracked we have seen architects fees range from £1500 for a very simple rear extension to
£20,000+ for something much more bespoke.

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