How long does it take to build an extension?

Posted by: admin on 14/07/2020

For a small relatively simple three metre, single rear extension, construction time is usually around three to four month. For larger double height rear extensions, it may be around five to seven months. However, this time schedule does not take into account the time taken for design and planning phases as these can vary depending on whether if your project requires planning or other permissions. A sensible timeframe for most house extensions, where planning is required and from appointing an architect to completion is usually around a year.

How long does a loft conversion take?

Loft conversions are much quicker than rear extensions – a simple dormer loft conversion can be achieved just under six weeks.

The most effective way of controlling the timescale of your project is with the help of an architectural designer. Here at Archilink, we help you find local architectural designers for your project and arrange meetings for free. Post a project on Archilink to find out designers interested in your project.

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