Finding A Designer That Shares Your Vision

Posted by: admin on 14/07/2020

During our customer discovery, we found that the residents of Aberdeen found it very difficult to find an architect. It’s not particularly hard to google “local architects Aberdeen” and instantly receive a list of amazing architecture practices. The hard part is cutting through the mound of information and industry jargon to decide which architectural designer is right for you.

Instead of trying to tell you which practice is best, I would recommend finding a designer that shares your vision. It is very difficult to not prioritise cost, this may be a driving force in your project but getting on with your designer is priceless. Architecture is a service industry, designer and client must work collaboratively to generate a valuable end product. If you find someone that shares your vision and enthusiasm the process will be much more enjoyable.

But that leaves the question how do you know if you are choosing the wrong designer? Many architectural practices in Aberdeen don’t have up to date websites, blogs or social media pages. We would suggest that you make arrange a meeting with two or more perspective designers. Then once you have narrowed your search down to the final few candidates, ask yourself, how interested is your architect in your project and how busy is the designer you have chosen?

We believe that this process is simplified through the use of Archilink. Post a project, let local designers tell you if they are interested and available then arrange meetings. Look at our website and let us know what you think!