Architects and Architectural Technologists. What do these terminologies mean?

Posted by: admin on 10/05/2019

Architect: The title of the architect is protected by the “Architects Registration Board” (ARB). You can view the register to see if the Architect if the designers are qualified to call them self as an Architect in the UK.

Architectural Technologists: Architectural technologists also have a professional body – Charted Institute of Architectural Technologies (CIAT), which shares a similar code of conduct as the ARB. These architectural designers have gone rigorous professional training and are capable of offering similar “Architectural services” as an Architect.

So what is the difference between Architects and Architectural technologists?  

Architectural technologists enjoy the science and technology aspects of buildings, e.g. how buildings are constructed and the use of materials. Whereas Architects are more ‘design driven’ with aesthetics and design quality being their primary influence during an architectural project. However, there are many Architects who are technically minded.

Architectural designers / Architectural consultants: These designers do not have to be registered with CIAT or ARB but often perform similar tasks.