We have been asked if there is a way to calculate how much architects charge. Many new practices include fee calculators on their websites and have example projects to helps prospective clients gauge project costs. We would be happy to direct any customers to these websites. There are many factors which can influence an architects fee; the size of the project, type of service, which permissions are required, overheads and complexity are just a few factors that an architect will need to consider when drafting a quote!



Archilink started in Aberdeen and is now spread across Scotland, we surveyed some of the architects in Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Aberdeen, that are signed up to our monthly service to discover what the average fee is across different project costs. We found that the fees can differ from 4-14%, as a very rough guide we compiled these results to help you plan you plan your next project.

  • £25K – 10.5%
  • £50K – 9%
  • £75K – 9.5%
  • £150K – 8.5%
  • £500K – 7.2%
  • £1M – 5.5%



One of the most important factors in an architects quote is the extent of their service. This can be seen in the breakdown of their quote. Architects are generally paid in stages an example of which can be seen below.

  • Concept 20%
  • Design Development 20%
  • Technical Design 15%
  • Tender Documentation 25%
  • Construction to hand-over 20%

(Or, in more simplistic terms, Outline Design – 35%, Detailed Design for Tender – 35%, Construction Phase – 30%)


Before you start thinking about fees it might be worth contacting us at info@archilink.co.uk so we can talk you through the process and explain how we can make it less stressful for you. 

Or post a project at https://www.archilink.co.uk/post-a-job/ to get instant results.