Architects in Aberdeen

There is a society of architects in Aberdeen, which represents over 200 chartered architecture practices. They have created a directory where you can view these practices contact information. However, there are many architecture practices that will not appear on this list due to now having a chartered architect working there.

We estimate that the number of practices that offer architectural services in Aberdeen could be double this figure at around 400 practices. There are many advantages to working with a chartered architecture practice and many practices that do not have a chartered architect that can still offer an amazing service.

Larger projects should normally be handled by a Registered Architect who will be highly trained and will hopefully be able to provide a high level of design flair. Smaller projects can be done by an Architect, an Architectural Technician, or a Surveyor.

Archilink aims to promote all architectural practices while maintaining the highest level of credentials and reputation. As there is no single list that contains the information of every practice It is incredibly difficult to estimate how many architecture practices there are.

The size and nature of the architectural practice determine where and how they advertise. In the early stages of creating Archilink, we would search for all the obscure websites that practices chose to advertise on in order to create a full list of practices to include on our platform. We believe that we are still finding new practices today.

We have registered the information for over 300 architecture practices in Aberdeen and the immediate surrounding areas. This number continues to rise as new and exciting architecture practices open across Scotland.